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From physical books, to e-books to now decentralized books.
From DEBOOK we are commited to bring you the education needed to get started.

Social books

Books as a Platform. Each debook gives you access to a private community. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Asset Books

Readers can now sell debooks whenever they want and even make some profit out of it. Authors keep a % of every resell.

Utility Books

Readers can intereact with the author. Authors know who their readers are. Books become alive with the power of the Blockchain.

One debook
One community

DEBOOK APP is where every book becomes alive. Readers will be able to chat with each other and add value to the book, sharing their creative ideas on top of the debooks. Authors get to know their audience and have the opportunity to learn with and from them. That and much more coming soon.

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The Freedom Of Being Who You Are

For Authors and Readers

DEBOOK is a tool to tokenize books.

DEBOOK is a marketplace for tokenized books.

DEBOOK is a social platform for readers and authors to interact on top of their debooks.

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